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We are the only Central Illinois skate shop that has been professionally trained in using the patented Maximum Edge 7 step process. Using this unique 7 step process, you can expect:

Blade edges to stay sharp longer

No break-in period after sharpening

Better control, turns, flow and acceleration

Major reduction in skate release

Less friction = Less fatigue

No skate chatter on stops

Increased confidence level in blade edges
Skate Sharpening & Profiling
Skate Sharpening
Skate Profiling
Profiling is the matching of skate blades to each other and to the skater. The shape of the blade should be in a constant radius surface and blade heights equal for proper pitch. It is important to understand that the contact area of the blade profile determines the skater's center of gravity which ultimately affects control and performance.
We recommend that all skates should be profiled once a year and profile maintenance done after ten to twelve sharpenings.